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«Forensic expertise centre»
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At the beginning of 2012, “Forensic Expertise Centre” is the biggest non- state forensic expertise establishment at Russian Federation. It got such title due to successful implementation of the concept on the creation of the large-scale forensic expertise department providing wide spectrum of forensic and extrajudicial independent expertise. The centre has nearly 300 working experts (as per march 2012), including more than 200 staff and nearly 100 independent contractors, wide spectrum of regional laboratories in most regions of Russian Federation.

It is notable that at the time of Centre creation we had lawyers and law companies as our contractors. The main expertise share had been exactly independent. However, the expert services customer has significantly changed. Nowadays nearly 87% of applications for expertise conducting are forwarded from forensic and law enforcement structures while the amount of extrajudicial (independent) expertise is decreasing every year.

Such honorable state departments as Moscow Arbitrary Court, Moscow Region Arbitrary Court, Economic Crimes fight department of Moscow MIA department, Military Prosecutors Office of Moscow military department, Moscow customs department are amount our constant partners.

Our head office continues the collaboration with most district courts of Moscow City, while our regional laboratories successfully implement forensic – expertise services at our country regions. That is why most arbitrary courts of Russian Federation recommend our centre services.

The collaboration of such kind with forensic and law enforcement departments made our staff experts to provide free consultations to forensic and law enforcement department specialists, practicing lawyers and solicitors on the issues of prescription and organization of any type of forensic or independent expertise and expertise questions correct definition.
We are always glad to collaborate in the sphere of forensic and independent expertise with federal and municipal state departments of Russian Federation.

We always try to keep up with our brand and try not increase the expertise term with makes from 3 to 30 days from the moment of expertise payment date. Just to compare we can set the example that the term of construction technical expertise conducting can make up to 18 months. That is why we significantly differ from state expertise departments.

The list of expertise we conduct:


The documentary expertise, include handwriting expertise (signature, handwriting, writing or manuscript expertise), documents technical expertise (stamps, seals and documents identification expertise).

Hand writing expertise is conducted to detect signature, texts and documents writing fake. Such expertise is required to define the text author identity based on courts referral letter in frames of criminal or civil case institution.

Documents technical expertise is required to define the absence or presence of any documents fake: stamps and seals impressions and other non-manuscript documents requisites
Documents remoteness expertise allows the detection of back date documents done with ink and gel pen.

Documents remoteness expertise allows the detection of back date documents done with ink and gel pen.


Voice studying expertise includes text independent linguistic expertise, audio and sound record phonoscopic expertise; handwritten and typewritten texts author detection expertise.

Author detection expertise researches handwritten or typewritten to define authorship, plagiarism and getting necessary information on the person, who has created such text profession, mother tongue, origin, sex, age etc.

Linguistic expertise – is the research required during the revision of criminal and civil cases on copyright protection, honor, dignity, business reputation, slander, insults, charges on extremism, and fomentation of race, national and religious discords. Texts (written, oral and typewritten), audio and video medium information, photos are the objects of such expertise.

Phono scopic expertise allows the detection of registered voice and non-speech sounds origin at researched sound record. Audio and video materials, audio and video equipment are the objects of phonoscopic expertise.


Economic expertise includes financial – economic, accounting and taxation expertise together with financial analytical expertise on criminal, civil and arbitrary disputes.

Energy expertise is the most popular at HCS sector. It includes such expertise sub types as power, energy, and heat and gas supply expertise. The main task of energy expertise lies at the check of HCS prices and fares reasonability.

Accounting expertise is required during reviewing of criminal, civil and arbitrary cases related to resolution of conflicts arising during company or organization economical activity. Accounting expertise helps to define company real financial position and reveal all existing accounting violations

Financial –economical expertise — has the most wide application spectrum. Так, с It helps solving the most complex issues related to the investigation of economical crimes and arbitrary disputes between economical subjects.

Fiscal expertise is conducted first in frames of fiscal inspections on EFFD commission or in frames of crimes’ investigations on the commission of investigation and economic crimes fight departments of various RF MIA departments. Fiscal expertise is at the same demand in frames of arbitrary disputes between EFFFD departments and economical activity subjects – taxpayers on the issues of taxes and fees charges and (or) re-calculation, fiscal fines or other charges.


Car engineering expertise, includes transport- highway study expertise, independent auto technical expertise on the definition transport technical condition, car accident circumstances auto technical expertise, road conditions road transport expertise, independent car merchandising expertise on the assessment of car price, including the assessment of car losses after car accident.

Transport high way study expertise- studies the traces of transport (cars), defines T traces formation mechanism and definition of subject who has left such traces.
Car accident circumstances expertise is required to set the level of guilt of car accident participants, car accident circumstances and its consequences: the speed the car moved before collision, T braking way lengths and the possibility of collision avoiding.

Transport technical condition expertise provides the possibility of exact definition of car fault condition reason — i.e. to define if the fault condition is due to manufacturing defect or the defect rose during operational period – i.e. the defect due to car incorrect operation and define the level of its influence over incurred car accident.

Car merchandising expertise allows car identification conducting: correspondence of model, type, mark, manufacturing year, technical characteristics and transport technical condition assessment, T cost and repair costs assessment after car accident.

Road-transport expertise sets the circumstances of road transport accident (travel conditions) and TC technical conditions before car accident and T traces at car accident site.


Engineering – technological expertise includes independent car technical expertise, equipment and technological lines expertise, gears and automatic machines, devices, aggregates, installations and other technical character devices expertise

Electro technical expertise, include independent expertise of electro technical devices, electro technical equipment, electrical power networks, expertise, electric generators expertise, power stations expertise, electric installments and electro technical aggregations expertise, other manufacturing electrical equipment independent expertise.

IT technical expertise includes independent software expertise, hardware expertise, informational IT expertise (data expertise), computer network expertise and applications independent expertise.

Fire technical expertise include depending on the research subject fire technical expertise of residential and commercial property, fire technical expertise of passenger and lorry trucks and independent expertise of cars and other manufacturing technical equipment.

Power audit , includes the complex of engineering works on manufacturing buildings, structures and constructions instrument energy inspection for the definition of their energy efficiency, heat and power energy sources loss, energy saving position reinforcement and energy sources detection and liquidation. Power audit results at building (company, house and other construction) power passport.

Video technical expertise is conducted to define video equipment identification, video records authenticity expert check including video research for the matter of editing, copying, erasing or purposeful stop.

Photo technical expertise is aimed at the identification of cinema and photo equipment, image formation, positives, negatives, locality, shooting conditions, photo retouching or editing identification natural laws.


Building technical expertise (перевод: строительная экспертиза) includes the expertise of construction works quality on any units (house, building, construction, flat and other constructions); building projects expertise на предмет for the matter of their concordance to existing BNR; construction estimates for the matter of their economical viability; construction communications eхpertise , exactly water and heat supply, sewage, ventilation and conditioning systems, property loss expertise due to flood or fire and repair works cost assessment.

Building projects expertise lies at checking of project documentation quality at construction unit.

Construction estimates expertise is required both for construction works customer and contractor on the unit. It helps to reveal and remove existing documentation mistakes and avoid non-planned expenses.

Construction communication expertise is the most important direction of construction expertise and allows setting ventilation, fire detection, heating, conditioning sewage and engineering communication systems.

Technical surveillance provides strict quality control of the works conducted at construction unit starting from the moment of construction project creation and finishing by the date of this unit commissioning.

Flood and fire expertise help defining the sum of insurance payments, loss assessment, define the parties and the reasons responsible for flood (fire) in apartment, premises, home or office.

Construction quality control defines the concordance of construction, assembly, repair, renovation, restoring works on the unit to all construction rules and regulations (CNR and SS).

Buildings and premises technical inspection is required during planning of capital and renovation repairs, reconstruction and renewal of stand-by construction, extraordinary and ordinary inspections of construction unit, in case of re- planning necessity etc.

Construction geodesy – is a specific natural and drawings estimates and researches complex, including the erection of planned and construction elements in accordance with the sizes of studied project and its documentation.


The assessment expertise includes independent expertise on immovable property assessment – the residential and commercial one, assessment of land and ground areas of various destination, the expertise on business independent assessment in case of bankruptcy (fake or purposeful one) and the expertise on cars and equipment assessment . We have put the issues on car assessment to separate block due to several reasons.

Car assessment includes the assessment of its current market value, which is the most important on heritage drawing, T sale, re –drawing (T purchase- sale or donation), severance or car renting.

Property assessment is indispensable during loan credit, property and court disputes, immovable property sale and purchase, company assets re- evaluation, rent fee definition and heritage drawing.

Land assessment will allow ground area feasible usage; define its market value during sale and definition of renting fee.

Business assessment is the procedure, helping to define the company or business real value and their shares. Business assessment helps taking reasonable decision about your company or business further development, work efficiency, perspectives, supposed profit and competitiveness.

Machinery and equipment assessment — is the best way of lather and production line assessment, including technological complexes and power units. It is designed for the insertion of existing company equipment into company nominal capital, during company assets evaluation and re- evaluation; equipment sales purchase equipment and equipment write-off.


The most popular among land surveying expertise, is an independent expertise on ground area separation between co –proprietors (neighbors or heirs), land surveying expertise, required for natural borders removal, independent expertise including geodesic works on border removal of various destination ground areas, including forestry areas, agricultural areas, specially protected areas, land plot areas, state or municipal areas. Besides traditional land surveying expertise, we conduct landmark works on land plot ground areas.

Ground area separation is required during sale purchase transactions, house separation, two ground areas uniting, heritage drawing, severance etc.

Ground areas natural borders removal is recommended in case of landmark signs loss or during land surveying works commission. The ground areas natural borders removal is conducted at any ground areas natural borders of any configuration and area with any amount of turning points.

Landmark works are installed, restored and fixed at ground border inspected area to define its area and location.


Person expertise include all types of medical expertise: forensic medical examination in all forms, including the expertise of health loss level, workability loss expertise, independent expertise of medical assistance quality (medical services expertise), forensic psychiatric expertise and forensic psychological expertise, dental and other types of independent forensic medical expertise.

Medical expertise is prescribed based on law enforcement or court prescriptions and is related to the issues of human health condition, arising circumstances, which negatively influenced human health- the level of purposeful and accidental harm, unqualified medical intervention or unqualified medical assistance, working ability level definition etc. The units of such expertise are live people, bodies, material evidences of biological origin (sperm, blood, lymph, bones, hair etc).

Psychiatric expertise is done on compulsory or voluntary basis based on court or investigator department commission. Such expertise defines human psychical condition and health, his sanity or insanity.

Dental expertise is commissioned on the cases about patients’ rights protections in case of unqualified dental assistance, provided by state or private medical dental cliniques.

Psycho physiologic expertise at polygraph (lie detector) is applied during setting court participants statements authenticity: witnesses, accused, suspects and in case of proofs absence. Besides this, polygraph is applied during investigation of thefts of money at companies.

Drugs expertise is designed to define the legal capacity of the persons – the participants of civil and criminal cases doing drugs or alcohol abuse or suspected of being drugs or alcohol abuse. The drugs expertise is designed for contestation of medical expertise of drivers during the cases about drivers’ license cancellation.


Criminalistic expertise of agents, materials and items include metal studies expertise (metals and alloys); paints and varnishes expertise (lacquers, paints, paints and varnishes); plastic and rubber items expertise; reviewing of drugs, psychotropic, their analogues and their precursors expertise results; drastic and poisons expertise results reviewing; pharmaceutical expertise – medicine and drugs expertise; oil and GCM products expertise — oils (including motor oil), fuel ( including diesel fuel and petroleum), independent expertise of oil and oil products. Moreover, we provide oil quality expertise (including transmission oil, petroleum, diesel fuel and solar oil quality).

Paint and varnishing materials quality expertise helps revealing the paint and varnishing materials particles, their origin, type, composition and destination. Besides this, it is capable to define painted units based on the traces it has left, the sole source of its origin and natural belonging.

Oil products and GGM expertise provides fuel, greasing materials, technical liquids and road cover research. Such expertise defines type, kind, mark, group of GGM, the nature of their possible origin, type, and group belonging.

Plastic and rubber items expertise is conducted to define the presence of micro particles, depositions, and the nature of their formation, to define their type, kind, group belonging and solve other tasks.

Drugs, psychotropic, their analogues, their precursors, drastic and poison agents expertise is conducted in form of reviewing of other expertise departments reviews helps to check authenticity, veracity and methodological justification of expertise results.

Metal study expertise (metals and alloys expertise) is aimed at the research of metals and alloys physical peculiarities, allows seeing exact chemical composition of metal or alloy for arbitrary or criminal legal proceedings. Quite often metal study expertise экспертиза назначается is a necessary appendix to such engineering expertise as car technical, construction, engineering technological and other expertise etc.

Medicines and drugs pharmaceutical expertise conducts quality assessment of medicines and drugs, the assessment of product readiness, general characteristics, storage conditions, application readiness etc.


Merchandising expertise includes independent customer expertise of furniture (bed, sofas, sets, case and built in furniture, soft and leather furniture); fur expertise (fur coats, sheepskin coat, lady’s fur coat); clothes and shoes expertise and other types of customer expertise.

Furniture expertise is indispensable in case of purchased furniture defects, seller and customer dispute settlement.

Customer expertise is necessary for good identification, its characteristics definition, good code based on EEA GN in CIS, country of origin, good condition.


Weapons expertise includes cold weapons expertise, independent ballistic expertise of firearms and ammunition

Ballistic expertise sets model, gauge, weapons type based on cartridge case and bullets, its shooting fitness, researches shots traces, the distance from which the shot had been made, direction and other circumstances helping during criminal case investigation.

Cold weapons expertise is required to define the belonging of this or that subject to cold weapons based on type, manufacturing mode, type and destination.


Art criticism and culturology expertise include expertise in the following areas: art history expertise, non-state historic cultural expertise of architectural (construction) units, which are of cultural and historical value, porno culturological expertise (pornographic products expertise) and other types of independent expertise.


Patent expertise is the trademarks, manufacturing samples, inventions, useful models, and brand expertise, independent expertise of copyright units (book or music authorship expertise).

Inventions expertise – is required in case of copyright infringement for the innovation protected by patent.

Useful models expertise is required in case of patent legislation or intellectual property rights violation – unlawful usage of somebody else’s useful model.

Manufacturing samples expertise is required for the protection of item construction and artistic solutions, defining its design (exterior).

Trademarks expertise is conducted in case of trademark usage rights violations or trademark registration violations.

Copy rights and accompanying rights expertise sets the person as the author of this or that copyright object in case of copyright infringement, including inventor or literary work author dignity and reputation.


Biological expertise, includes botanic, zoological, microbiological, entomology, ichthyology, ornithology expertise.

DNA genetic expertise is required in case of the necessity to define exact father of a child (motherhood/ fatherhood contestation). Quire often DNA genetic expertise is called DNA molecular genetics expertise, genome expertise or even “genome dactyloscopy”.


Gemology expertise (jewels expertise) includes the following jewels expertise: gold (golden jewels), platinum, silver, diamonds and other jewels and half jewels (aquamarine, emerald, and topaz, and ruby, zirconium, amber and other.).Besides this, gemology expertise researches various jewelries and jewels (rings, necklaces, chains, crosses, bracelets, pendants, and earrings), fake jewels.

Soil study expertise includes traditional soil study expertise of soil, units’ ecological soil expertise, subject to anthropogenic influence (pollution).


Accidents ecological expertise — is an expertise concerning human negative anthropogenic influence over environment. We can set as an example the following directions: deforestation facts expertise, water units’ pollution expertise (lakes, rivers, swamps, harbors etc) by manufacturing waste products, forest fires and soils pollution facts expertise.

Expertise on physical factors negative influence over human and surrounding. Such expertise includes the expertise on noise and noise background, vibration and vibration background, electromagnetic and other emissions, radiation and radiation background.


Agricultural expertise includes the following expertise types: aerobiological, agro technical, agronomic, agro chemical, zoological veterinary and veterinary toxicological expertise.


Household appliances expertise includes the following expertise: computers, cell phones, fridges, washing machines, dish washing machines, air conditioning, DVD – players and other players expertise, the expertise of photo cameras and computers (computer and laptop), printers and other office equipment, new digital appliances expertise – the expertise of ipod and iphone.